‘All Dolled Up’ Streets from Blazed Media

‘All Dolled Up’ Streets from Blazed Media

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Blazed Media’s latest, All Dolled Up, is now shipping from Pulse Distribution.

From Blazed’s Jayson Knight Productions/Knight Fetish imprint, All Dolled Up features gorgeous performers, including cover model Aries Ackerman, who are seeking a different kind of sexual satisfaction.

“Solo scenes, presented as lesbian sex scenes, takes the idea of ‘masturbating with a toy’ to a whole new level,”said Pulse Vice President of Sales Hyland C. “Retailers, place your orders right away.”

All Dolled Up stars Aries Ackerman, Hope Harper, Anastasia Rose, Angelica Cruz, Carmen Valentina, Kendra Heart, Kimmy Lee, Mercy West, Olivia Kasady, Reagan Lush, and Violet Monroe finding the perfect match in sex dolls for mock girl/girl solo scenes.

For the box cover, cast list and synopsis, visit PulseDistribution.com.

Retailers interested in stocking All Dolled Up can contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and (818) 435-1615, or their IVD sales representative.

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