Avenatti Gets Headlines at AVN Awards With Snarky Jibe At Trump

Avenatti Gets Headlines at AVN Awards With Snarky Jibe At Trump

LAS VEGAS, NV—AVN Hall of Famer Stormy Daniels showed up at the AVN Awards ceremony on Saturday night  in Las Vegas, where she was crowned with the “Mainstream Star of the Year” award. But Daniels made bigger news by attending with her “date” for the evening, her lawyer Michael Avenatti, who quickly proceeded to grab headlines by holding court on the 2020 presidential election and making a pointed quip about Donald Trump.

The southern California lawyer shot to fame in the spring of last year when he filed a lawsuit against Trump on behalf of Daniels over the $130,000 “hush money” she was paid to keep quiet about her 2006 sexual encounter with the then-reality TV star. Daniels quickly became a seemingly-ubiquitous presence on cable news, and as his fame swelled, he announced that he was considering a run for president in 2020 as a Democrat. But in December, he suddenly changed his mind

Avenatti cited the concerns of his family for his decision not to run, but the decisions came less than two weeks after he escaped felony charges over a domestic violence allegation

But despite his withdrawal from a presidential race that he never officially entered, Avenatti has continued to freely offer his viewpoints on Trump, and the issues at the center of the 2020 race, and he did so again on Saturday as he and Daniels made their way down the red carpet at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Saturday, as The Daily Beast reported

At one point, Avenatti delivered what the Daily Beast called “a few raunchy, well-rehearsed, resistance jokes,” with one in particular grabbing headlines in The Beast and other outlets, when Avenatti said, “I was a little surprised to learn that Trump wasn’t here tonight. Because he’s fucked more people than anybody.”

Avenatti had another pre-packaged quip, in which he compared himself to Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller, saying, “It’s an honor for me to be here tonight because Bob Mueller and I were co-nominated for an award tonight. It’s a joint award. It’s ‘Best Domination of a Sitting U.S. President.’”

Avenatti also said that if Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen, who arranged the payoff to Daniels on Trump’s behalf, testified before Congress in a public session, both he and Daniels would attend that hearing.

“Frankly, I want America to see Stormy at that hearing because that hearing would not have taken place but for the courageousness and fortitude of Stormy Daniels,” Avenatti said. “It would not have happened. None of this would have happened without Stormy Daniels. I’m going to be diligent and make sure that people know her significance in American history.”

Cohen has now said he will testify on February 8, but only in a closed-door session with the House Intelligence Committee, ABC News reported

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