Aziani Studios Creates New Series Directed By ‘Mister Salty’

Aziani Studios Creates New Series Directed By 'Mister Salty'

LOS ANGELES—After releasing such edgy series as Gangbang Creampies and Gloryhole Secrets, one might wonder if Aziani and distributor Joy Media Group could nevertheless street what they’re describing as “the sleaziest adult DVD you can imagine?” Well, that’s what it says on the box cover of their brand new release, Mr. Salty’s Backroom Blowbang Adventures.

“This is our first release shot specifically for DVD and the website has not officially launched yet. Mr. Salty’s Backroom Blowbang Adventures has officially hit the street and the out-the-door numbers were phenomenal!” claimed Joy Media Group VP of Sales Dave Peskin.

“This DVD is so filthy we didn’t even attach a director’s name to it!” he added. “Welcome to Mr. Salty’s. What is this place? It’s the sleaziest adult DVD shop you can imagine. Salty’s is so full of sexual indulgence, even its back room strip club has a back room! That’s where all the action takes place.”

Ella Knox walks into Salty’s a seemingly normal girl, but instantly she is overcome by the atmosphere of pure sex and starts handing out explicit notes to the male patrons in the front,” said Peskin, describing part of the DVD’s action. “Lyra Lockhart casually strolls through the DVD racks handing out her handwritten notes to the men. Each note has a sexy message on it, like ‘I’m not wearing any panties,’ or ‘I’m half your age. Meet me in the back for a fun time.’ You won’t believe what comes next!”

Mr. Salty’s Backroom Blowbang Adventures is now available at retailers worldwide. Local consumers who find that their nearest adult bookstore isn’t carrying it are advised to tell the store manager to tell her/his buyer to get a hold of Peskin.

Buyers can view the exclusive Mr. Salty’s Backroom Blowbang Adventures trailer here.

For more information and sales inquiries, Peskin can be contacted at [email protected] or 818-237-5136 ext. 2305.

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