Desiree Dulce Signs Exclusive Deal With Brazzers

Desiree Dulce Signs Exclusive Deal With Brazzers

LOS ANGELES—Desiree Dulce enjoys the variety that comes with performing.

“I’m having so much fun,” Dulce says. “It’s cool because you never know who you’re going to meet, what it’s going to be like that day, what role you’re going to do. No two days are ever alike.”

A former software engineer turned cam model, Dulce admits she thought about doing porn quite a bit before she made the move.

“I was kind of interested in it way back when I was like 18, but I wasn’t ready,” Dulce tells AVN. “And then I just dropped the idea because I was afraid of what my boyfriend at the time would think. Then when I started camming I loved it.

“If you put camming and porn together I love it all so much and I absolutely want to continue with it and go far with it. I’ve been blessed with some pretty incredible opportunities.”

Like Brazzers for instance.

The 5-foot-8 native of Virginia Beach, Va., who now resides in Las Vegas this week will be named the new Brazzers exclusive contract girl—less than three months into her porn career.

“I know it’s not always going to be the case but everybody that I’ve met so far has been incredibly nice,” Dulce says. “I’m coming from sort of a corporate world where everybody’s nice but this is different. It’s very personal. Because not only are you having sex with somebody but everybody’s seen you naked… It’s so raw. That’s how I feel about it. And the sex is fun—I’m not going to lie. That’s pretty great.”

Dulce, who is represented by Kendra Lust’s Society 15 talent agency, singles out one of the first scenes she did when she arrived in LA with ZZ’s most prolific contract stud, Keiran Lee.

“Oh my god, that was so much fun,” Dulce says. “That was my first one where I really got to do some acting. That was so cool.”

The notorious British star plays a bank robber whose car breaks down, so he knocks on Dulce’s door to ask for help and ends up getting his pipes cleaned.

“I was just going to let him use the phone and he walked in on me threatening like I was going to Dom this guy,” Dulce explains. “The guy was tied to a chair. And so [Keiran] caught me and I was like, ‘I want you instead.’ It was just so much fun because I got to play a little bit of a dominatrix at the beginning. Even though it wasn’t full on, it was fun to try a different kind of role—and then the sex was amazing.”

She continues, “Keiran’s incredible. I squirted, which isn’t something I do very often. It happened like three times in the scene.”

Dulce’s splashy Brazzers debut went live on May 26, racking up more than 170K views and almost 1K likes at post time. Lee, who has performed in more than 1440 sex scenes for the adult mega-site, liked what he saw in Dulce that day.

“Not only is she one of the most naturally beautiful ladies I ever set eyes upon, but she has a personality to match,” Lee tells AVN. “For saying she is new she performs like a seasoned veteran and what a performance she brought to her first Brazzers scene.

“I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot more of Miss Desiree Dulce on Mindgeek sets.”

He wasn’t kidding. Dulce already has shot for established Mindgeek brands such as Reality Kings and Babes and is booked for many more in the coming months.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Desiree Dulce to the Brazzers family as an exclusive talent,” Brazzers Director of Production Ryan Hogan tells AVN. “From her undeniable beauty to her brains as a software engineer, she lights up the screen and is a pleasure to work with in every way.

“We knew from the moment we met her that Desiree was going to be a huge star. We have some very ambitious plans for her on Brazzers and beyond.”

Speaking of plans, superstar performer Abella Danger—the 2016 AVN Best New Starlet and a fellow Brazzers exclusive—tells AVN that Dulce has been on her mind.

“I think Desiree is a drop-dead gorgeous girl,” Danger says. “I came across her photos on social media and immediately my jaw dropped. She is so sexy. I texted her photo to the head of production at Mindgeek and said, ‘You have to shoot this girl.’ They had her shoot with Keiran Lee and my suspicions were correct. She’s incredible at sex; everyone is now saying what an amazing performer she is!”

Danger continues, “I have not shot a scene with her yet, but we are booked to shoot a lesbian scene for Twistys directed by Holly Randall soon! I’m so very excited to have this girl all to myself. I see her being one of the top performers in porn.”

Dulce got physical with former U.S. Marine Charles Dera in her second scene for Brazzers that entailed her naked on an exercise ball.

“That was another really fun scene—oh my god!” Dulce says. “Because I was in my workout gear and he was my personal trainer. I’ve never done that before—had sex on an exercise ball. But I’ve always wanted to.

“I’ve seen it in porn and I loved it. I was like, ‘Oh, fuck yes, I get to do this today?’ And we had the jump rope and he was tying it around me—it was hot.”

Dera agreed.

“For it being one of her first scenes you could never tell,” Dera, the former Chippendale and Jiu-Jitsu fighter, tells AVN. “She’s a very intelligent woman who understands opening up and body positioning. Not to mention her raw sexuality. You can’t teach that. It’s truly a beautiful thing to see.

“It was an honor to perform with her and I can’t wait to shoot more scenes with her.”

Nine-year industry veteran Billy Visual, a full-time director for Mindgeek and Gamma since last year who made his directorial debut for Reality Kings in 2017, called the shots for Dera vs. Dulce.

“I have worked with Desiree twice now for Mindgeek brands,” Visual tells AVN. “The first time she was on my set I was immediately surprised by her easy-going personality. Most girls in their first few months shooting are very shy and haven’t gotten comfortable enough to show their real selves.

“She took direction really well and the sex scene was very natural for her. The scenes haven’t been released yet, but I’m excited for them to come out knowing how well she did. I see a bright future for her as long as she continues working hard, staying humble and continues being herself and having fun.”

That doesn’t figure to be an issue for Dulce, who got into a groove on MyFreeCams after trying a few other cam sites.

“I’ve done four different sites and ultimately I’m now on MyFreeCams, which I love. It’s because of the audience—the people,” Dulce says. “And I don’t know what it is… It works for me for what I like. When I cam I get online and it’s like a big party in my room.

“We just shoot the shit a lot. My guys and I, we banter; we tease each other. And it’s fun and I dance and we talk about programming.”

Dulce continues, “A lot of my guys are also into software, whether it be programming or QA, whatever it is. I’m able to talk to these guys and it’s kind of sexy. Because I know they’re watching me in that way and we’re having this intellectual conversation, which I really enjoy. … But we’re usually just joking around and then it goes into the fun stuff I love.

“I love getting off on camera, especially when I see my room count going up. It turns me on even more.”

Dulce says now that porn is taking off she hasn’t had a lot of time to log onto MFC, but camming has been her go-to since she first tried it in August 2016.

“I was Desiree Night for a time and about a year ago I changed it because I wanted to be more true to my background,” says Dulce, who is half Puerto Rican, half white. “And also there was some confusion on how to spell my name. People kept spelling it with a ‘K’ which was a different model before. I changed it. It’s funny because that name never really felt like me.

“I would always joke on cam about changing my last name. And then finally I was going to do it and I stayed up really late one night brainstorming ideas. When I finally came up with Dulce I was like, ‘That’s it. That’s me. It’s really me.’”



A self-taught programmer who was home-schooled and landed her first programming job at 19, Dulce says database work is her favorite. She never mixed her software engineering jobs with camming.

“The thing is I always program. It’s my hobby,” she explains. “But I had already left my old job because I wanted to do something different. And I didn’t know what it was going to be and then I found out about camming. So I just went for it and it was amazing from the beginning.

“I’ve learned so much since then on how to provide a quality show—and things like lighting. I’m big on technology, of course. So all those little aspects are really fun for me.”

Once she got used to going live she gained more adult experience from shooting her own content.

“And I loved it but I didn’t quite enjoy the editing side,” Dulce admits, adding that creating content only piqued her interest in going further into adult.

“I just decided I wanted to go ahead and go for it and try it out. It was about a year ago that I first started really considering it.”

She remembers weighing the possibilities with Society 15 point man Randy Quintana.

“I just had a really good feeling about it after our conversation,” Dulce says. “But I still wanted to kind of wait and see. I watched a lot of different agencies on Twitter. I did a lot of research.”

Then in March Dulce decided she was ready.

“I messaged Randy and was like, ‘Do you remember me?’” she recalls. “We had the call and it went so well. I felt like it was the right agency and I was in good hands. I have so much respect for Kendra and the fact that she’s kind of running the whole thing. That made me feel really good and really safe.”

Lust, who is on the cover of the June issue of AVN magazine, is the two-time AVN MILF Performer of the Year and four-time and reigning AVN Fan Award winner for Hottest MILF.

“She checks in on me, asks me if I need anything. I can text her at any time. She’s amazing,” Dulce says. “She’s been so kind to me.”

Lust tells AVN Dulce reminds her a lot of herself when she first started.

“She is eager to be successful and is very professional on set,” Lust says. “She has a kind demeanor and I admire that about her.”

The Mindgeek deal came together quickly due in part to Dulce’s obvious attributes, Lust adds.

“She has a very young look for being 31 and she has no tattoos and is very pretty,” Lust continues. “She is marketable and Mindgeek knew that so they didn’t hesitate to scoop her up.

“Desiree has the potential to be Best New Starlet if she continues on the path she is going! She has potential to be a star if she continues to work hard. She is a beautiful woman with a lot to offer the adult industry… Just wait for it, fellas!”



AVN Hall of Fame director Francois Clousot, a native of the Provence region in southeastern France who has been shooting porn since 1991, first met Dulce on Keiran Lee’s set, where he was the lead videographer. Then last week he directed Dulce himself for

“She’s sweet and very funny,” Clousot tells AVN. “She blends in a weird sense of humor right away. She’s super pro, comes prepared and listens to suggestions for how scenes should go. “And she’s very nice—not stuck up.”

Clousot says calling Dulce was a no-brainer when there was a cancellation last week for a story-driven series he’s shooting called Something Borrowed. He hired her to play one of the bridesmaids that day, when she squared off with Brazzers contract guy Xander Corvus in what will be the third episode.

“She’s one of the girls I’d shoot every day if I could,” Clousot says. “She’s really a no-problem girl. She’s a very good actress and a terrific performer.

“The good thing is she’s trying to have fun with everything; she’s not there just for a paycheck. She wants to have fun with the whole process.”

Dulce also has impressed fellow AVN Hall of Fame director Mike Quasar, who watched her squirt all over Tommy Pistol on one of his Zero Tolerance sets.

“I was immediately taken aback by how genuinely beautiful she was,” Quasar tells AVN. “I think I actually told her that she would probably be signed to an exclusive by someone soon. It was then that she told me that I was her last shoot before becoming exclusive to Mindgeek. I wished her well and told her I was sad that I would never see her again.”

Quasar, who has excelled behind the camera in Porn Valley for more than 25 years, calls Dulce “an amazing performer.”

“She will undoubtedly do big things,” Quasar continues. “She was partnered with Tommy Pistol and he was actually very intimidated because she’s absolutely stunning and about 100 feet tall—but they both clicked and it was a great scene.”

Pistol, who has won three AVN Best Actor awards since he entered porn in 2005, tells AVN, “She’s has all the potential to have a very successful career in this industry.”

“Being gorgeous is only half of it,” Pistol reasons. “She’s smart, polite and has an amazing sense of humor. I loved working with her. I won’t be surprised if she’s winning awards come awards season. I think it’s a guarantee for her and I wish her all the best.”

Dulce did her first-ever sex scenes on March 18 in Vegas for TrueAmateurs—a solo and a boy/girl with an uncredited Quinton James.

“Since that went so well I was like, ‘OK, I’m really excited about this now,” Dulce says. “It was kind of cool because they had me do the first solo for their site, actually. And I got to sort of pretend I was doing a cam show. They kind of catered to me because I’ve been camming, so that was really fun. I did my nerdy thing with my glasses; I really wear glasses. It’s legit.”

Dulce says she was more nervous for her solo.

“Then I was loosened up and I was ready to fuck at that point,” she recalls. “What was really exciting was it was kind of unknown.”

Dulce has also worked for Team Skeet—with Tony Profane and Kiarra Kai—in her first boy/girl/girl.

“I’ve only done that a couple times in my personal life. It was really new to me and really hot,” she says.

She also counts a scene for Elegant Angel and ArchAngel with Danny Mountain among her early action.

“I’m really excited to work with Brazzers again,” Dulce says. “I just love the quality. It’s funny because I didn’t think that the company I wanted to shoot for the most would be one of the first companies I got to shoot with.”

Dulce spends a lot of time with her two huskies when she’s not on set—or programming.

“They’re my world. Love them. We’ll go for walks. I haven’t done any hiking since I got to Vegas, but I used to like hiking with them a lot. I love being outdoors,” she says.

Dulce, who also lived in Japan for three years and then the Pacific Northwest, moved to Vegas about 10 months ago after seeing a different side of Sin City than The Strip.

“I love the weather; I love that it’s affordable; I love that I can travel. Now I can go see my family multiple times a year because they’re in Florida versus when I was in the Pacific Northwest,” she says. “I love Vegas. And the food… Because where I was living before was kind of a small town so there were no Puerto Rican restaurants anywhere…”


Photography by Jeff Koga/@KogaFoto

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