Guest blog: Sex after sixty

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blogger is – I think – possibly the most regular guest contributor on the site to date! He’s written a couple of amazing posts in the past on why he became a nudist, his pregnancy journey with his ex wife, and the language we use to discuss sex. Please welcome back @pervy_thoughts, who is here to talk about sex after sixty…

Sex after sixty

I am on my left side, my arm has gone numb and cramp is developing in my leg. I really need to move but Significant Other is really close to orgasm and it seems a bit mean to stop proceedings at this late stage.

She catches her breath in the particular way she does as she comes and thrusts up towards me.

She probably could come again so I change position, I have to pick my left arm up with my right hand to move it and the pins and needles kick in as the blood circulation starts again.

I am using my fingers, teasing all around her clit, I know she will be super sensitive at this time. I wait for a while until the sensitivity subsides and then I rub her clit hard until she comes again.

Willy has just realised there is a party in progress and he is invited. He stirs from his slumber and makes a half hearted excuse for an erection.

Significant Other rolls over and pushes me down.

“Fist or fanny?” she asks.

This is her way of asking if I want to fuck (fanny, British English slang for a vagina) or fist, our slang for a wank.

Fucking does not really work for us. Mostly we just wank each other. She lubes my willy and starts a gentle wank. Willy responds and stiffens. After a few minutes the gentle tingle starts and it develops into an orgasm. I come but don’t ejaculate!

We lay next to each other, catching our breath. I am slightly light headed. My willy goes limp and the jizz dribbles out making my leg wet. I am light headed because I have a heart condition and I am dribbling jizz because of an enlarged prostate.

We pull the duvet over us and snuggle up together holding each other. I gently kiss her on the cheek, she responds by snogging me and checking out my tonsils with her tongue.

Despite all the health problems: bad back, heart condition, prostate, erectile problems, dry vagina and cramp we still love having sex.

It does not matter that it does not always work. Our expectations of sex have changed: it’s about intimacy, not orgasms.

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