The Beauty Of Touch By Frida Castelli

Decrypt the delicate erotica of romantic sensuality in the words of Frida Castelli

Italian artist Frida Castelli started publishing her works in 2016. Her sensual illustrations became very popular rapidly. The soft colours, the rounded shapes, and the loving tone of her style give her style a unique romantic atmosphere. Who said eroticism wasn’t about love?

What was your journey towards erotic art?

My drawings are a kind of diary of my love story and eroticism is an essential part of this story because it is an essential part of my way of experiencing love.

When it comes to erotic art, who are the artists (author, painter, movie maker, singer. Photographer…) you look up to?

Eroticism is everywhere, I do not look to genre artists.

I’m reminded of directors like Lars von Trier, Francesca Woodman’s photography, Rodin’s sculpture, to name a few.

You have grown a huge number of followers on Instagram. It’s a great platform for artists but a complicated one to navigate when it comes to promoting sex positivity. How do you get by?

I began to draw only to share my emotions with the person I love. In a short time, the number of visitors has grown exponentially, and I’m trying to manage as I can this paradox between private and public. If on the one hand nothing has changed in my intent, on the other I feel the responsibility of keeping my profile a place where you can always find a clean and kind environment, and I believe that so far, apart from some isolated cases, those who visit my profile feel a little relief (at least this is what many write to me).

What do you find the most sensual in a woman?

Self love Frida Castelli

Confidentiality and discretion for me are very sensual characteristics. The shamelessness is not at all sensual, the courtship should go through a gradual unveiling of both partners, like beautiful drawings. Telling everything immediately, without letting the interlocutor know how to interpret, risk, dare, brings down the game to univocal and uninteresting seduction.

Do you think mentalities are changing when it comes to women’s sexuality and the way it is perceived by society? And what can each and every one of us do to make things change?

The mentality is changing, some walls are finally collapsing. The path is still long and our task is simply to be always respectful with everyone, men and women. Because I see too much ostentatious and derogatory feminism towards the male gender and this I find unacceptable exactly as the opposite is unacceptable. Before being men and women we are human beings.

One word/One piece of advice/One question/One exclamation to our readers?

Kindness is revolutionary!

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